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"Hexenkessel" once again provided surprises and an even tighter field of riders.

Facts, Hardenduro im Hexenkessel 15.07.2023

Weather: 33 degrees, sunny

Prolog Award Winner: Jordan Scott (Moto-TM)

Winner: Felix Bähker (Sherco)

Fastest Lap: Lenny Geretzky (GasGas), 09:51,107

Jordan Scott wins the Prolog Award.

Alongside the many regular series riders, traditionally, numerous guest riders also

participate in the event. Due to the proximity to our southern neighbors, Austria and

Czech Republic, most of them come from these countries. However, there was also an

interesting name added last minute from Northern Ireland. Jordan Scott is not

accustomed to these temperatures at all, yet he still showed a magnificent

performance without running the Prolog. The Moto TM pilot from WieczorekGP

Team took over the lead from Fynn Hannemann, who was leading until then.

Nonetheless, it is Hannemann's best Prolog placement ever, which has now earned

him the top position in the Prolog Award's annual ranking.

The group races are won by Bähker and Wulf.

For the 134 participants who traveled to the event, the group races were already

expected to be a challenge. Once again, they started in rows of ten based on the

Prolog results. Right from the start, a large cloud of dust formed, spreading over the

rows of waiting riders. This continued into the first lap. Then, suddenly after only 7

minutes, the first riders arrived at the lap finish, causing chaos as they were not the

front runners but participants from the rear rows.

For safety reasons, the race was interrupted and restarted. What had happened? Due

to the dense dust, some riders lost track of the correct route and mistakenly turned

onto the Prolog track. The MCC Reisersberg promptly responded and resolved the

issues on the track.

After just 15 minutes, the first group race was restarted. This time, more distance was

left between the rows, resulting in better distribution of the field. Additionally, the

race distance was shortened to just 60 minutes. The same applied to the second

group race to ensure equal conditions for both groups.


"Our goal is fairness and equal conditions for everyone. It would have been unfair to

let the second group race for a longer duration, especially considering they had a

shorter break before the final. Given the temperatures, this was the better decision

for all," explained series organizer Denis Günther regarding the issues in the first

group race.

The victories in the group races were claimed by Felix Bähker and Marc Wulf. Bähker

possibly faced stronger competitors in Geretzky and Jordan Scott. However, Scott

encountered early clutch problems, yet still managed to secure third place on his

Moto TM behind Bähker and Geretzky.

Leon Hentschel, the returning rider, initially held back but secured a safe spot in the

final with a sixth-place finish. Kevin Gallas would have also made it to the final,

despite having to retire his Youngtimer Honda early due to motor issues. The bike

didn't perform as well in the hot temperatures and challenging ascents this time. To

avoid further damage, Gallas decided not to compete in the final.

In the second group race, Marc Wulf secured the victory, even though Hannemann

initially held the lead. Later, the KTM rider from Thuringia confidently took the win.

Bähker in the final, like from another star.

With the tailwind from Erzbergrodeo, Felix Bähker entered the race. He started from

the front row and surprised the competition in the Harescramble as well. Now that he

has completed his education, his focus is primarily on enduro riding, and it seems to

be paying off.

In the first lap, he effortlessly mastered all the challenges and returned with a

significant lead. Meanwhile, his competitors encountered some difficulties, leading to

exciting duels.

Towards the end of the race, an intense battle for the third-place position unfolded.

Initially, Marc Wulf held that spot, but Lenny Geretzky closed in and managed to

secure a place on the podium in a thrilling internal Thuringian duel. In the final lap,

Geretzky had enough stamina to even set the fastest lap.

Leon Hentschel, the two-time series champion, finished in second place. He was

pleased with his performance upon his return, saying, "Considering I have only been

riding motorcycles again for three weeks, this is the best possible result I could

achieve, and I didn't expect it. It was a tough challenge today in the heat, but the track

was a lot of fun."

Felix Bähker secured his first overall victory ever. With a thoughtful and consistent

riding style, he has now laid the foundation for further successes. He explained,

"Initially, I had a duel with Marc, but he made a mistake that allowed me to take the

lead. I then focused on not making any errors and rode the same lines every lap. It all

worked out, and I'm already looking forward to Gefrees."


In the overall standings, the top three positions have become even closer. Lenny

Geretzky and Marc Wulf are now tied at the top, closely followed by Felix Bähker,

who is only 5 points behind. It will undoubtedly remain exciting in Gefrees.

Series organizer Denis Günther also provided a fitting concluding statement: "We

have already reached the halfway point of the season. After cold and sometimes wet

conditions in the first three races, we now experienced the complete opposite on the

hottest day of the year. The championship remains exciting as our juniors have taken

the level to new heights. With three different winners in the first four races, we are

witnessing the best season the HESG has ever had."

Excitement continues in the class rankings as well.

The class rankings also remain highly exciting. Everything is still wide open,

especially in the Juniors category, where Felix Bähker and Lenny Geretzky are tied at

the top, closely followed by Fynn Hannemann with a slight lag. Since only the top ten

positions receive points in the classes, except for the Amateurs, the standings present

a slightly different picture compared to the overall standings.

The winners in Reisersberg were Leon Hentschel (Pro), Felix Bähker (Juniors), Eva

Täuber (Women), Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Amateurs), and Rene Jerbach (Seniors).

The next race of the series will take place on August 5th in Gefrees.

You can find the latest information about the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries

Germany at and on social media.

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