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What does DOWATEK stands for?

The name was originated by the founders of the brand DOWATEK.

DO like Dosch, WA like Waldherr and TEK like Technique

We are Martin Dosch and Kaspar Waldherr and we are both developement engineer from Bavaria/Germany and our passion is extreme enduro sport.

There is still the question: Why do you establish a company who produce parts like skid plate and radiator guard, because there are already so many manufactors on the market?

At the moment the extreme enduro is growing fast and most of the parts on the market are not strong enaugh for extreme enduro. Also we have many nice ideas and clever solutions, to protect your bike and make riding more easy in very heavy conditions.

Our Parts are not only tested really hard by our own, we also have test rider world wide in extreme events like Erzberg, Sea to Sky, Roof of Afrika, Larages Extrem, Romaniacs and many more...

We started our production back in 2016, fast became DOWATEK a wellknown brand in the market.



Since 01. January 2022 we became main sponsor of the DOWATEK Hard Enduro Series Germany

Exciting races in most extreme conditions - exactly the operation area for our strong protection parts. Find more informations on



Since 1st of April 2022 we started with our RACE TEAM, competing beside national race like DOWATEK Hard Enduro Series Germany (HESG) and Österreichischer Enduro Cup (ÖEC) national races like Red Bull Romaniacs, Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, Sea to Sky, Red Bull Abestone, Lagares Extreme XL, Servia Xross and many more.