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DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany: The veterans strike back in front of a gigantic audience

Facts, Isegrim Enduro Schwepnitz 07.10.2023

Weather: 16 degrees, cloudy

Prolog Award Winner: Kevin Gallas (GasGas)

Winner: Kevin Gallas (GasGas)

Fastest Lap: Kevin Gallas (GasGas), 05:31,157

The first surprise came already on Friday evening when Kevin Gallas unpacked his

motorcycle. Some were amazed because the two-time winner of the Isegrim Enduro

didn't park his vintage Honda in the paddock but presented his current 300cc

GasGas. With that, it was already clear that the two-time series champion would once

again compete for the day's victory.

Prolog Award with the first statement

That's how it played out. Initially, Lenny Geretzky took the lead, but Kevin Gallas

countered and immediately had a 2-second lead over his younger competitors. Some

of them still had issues with the unfamiliar sandy terrain. For example, Felix Bähker,

who was also dealing with a cold, only managed to secure the 10th place in the once

again highly competitive field.

In total, 88 participants took part in the prologue, which was a sufficient and

commendable field of starters for Schwepnitz.

Drama involving Fynn Hannemann in the group race

For some, the group races are merely a warm-up for the final. The top riders can

establish their positions, while the amateurs can complete laps on a less challenging

track to also qualify for the final. However, it is relatively rare for there to be a

decisive outcome for the day at this stage. In the first group race in Schwepnitz,

though, this exact scenario unfolded. Fynn Hannemann battled with Gallas for the

race lead and even managed to overtake the seasoned rider with a spectacular

performance. Then, however, a shock befell the young Hessian rider: a defect in the

clutch cover shattered his dreams, and he tearfully dropped out of the race, despite

there still being 20 minutes left to go. It was no longer enough to maintain a position

within the top 15, which qualified for the final.

Meanwhile, Kevin Gallas secured the victory in the group race. In the second group

race, Marc Wulf delivered a commanding performance and triumphed over his

fiercest title rival, Lenny Geretzky.


Final under high tension

As it approached 3:45 PM under the expert moderation of Klaus Nitzsche, there was a

tension like never before hanging over the motorsport facility. Tension was present in

all classes, and the fast, short track with many obstacles allowed for close racing.

That's exactly how it played out. Although Gallas built a slight lead in the first lap,

Lenny Geretzky, Marc Wulf, and even Felix Bähker gradually closed in. However, 30

minutes before the end, the field suddenly mixed up in each lap. Initially, Lenny

Geretzky stumbled and had to let Marc Wulf pass. Then, due to problems with his

hand, the Suhl rider made further mistakes and dropped back to 5th place.

Suddenly, Bähker got closer to Wulf and even briefly took the lead. However, he also

fell back, clearing the way for Leon Hentschel, who strategically and flawlessly raced

to secure 3rd place. Gallas benefited from all of this and won in Schwepnitz for the

third time, thus claiming his third Wolf Trophy.

With his second-place finish, Wulf closed in on Geretzky in the standings, and they

are now separated by only 1 point before the final.

Andreas Pieper has already been crowned champion in the Seniors category, as has

Raven Lippold in the 85ccm HESG Kids class. Marc Wulf was already unreachable for

the Pro riders after Meltewitz.

So, an incredible finale awaits on the new track in Rüdersdorf on October 28th. You


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