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DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany: Successful kickoff for the 2024 registration period

The majority of participants are once again in the amateur category, closely followed

by the juniors. In both classes, there will definitely be a new champion, as last year's

champions Lukas Debus (amateurs) and Felix Bähker (juniors) are moving up to the

pro class. Felix Bähker, who switched to Finkmoto on a KTM, has already registered.

Marc Wulf, the overall winner of the 2023 season, will also soon be on the

registration list. Milan Schmüser, the Tensfeld rider who won two races in 2023 but

struggled with an injury suffered at the Erzberg, has also registered. He was able to

return to the season for the finale. Those who want to see who has already registered


can find the list at the following link:

content/uploads/2024/01/Einschreibeliste.pdf .


Series registrations are still possible here: www.hardenduro-


Also, the HESG Kids classes are steadily filling up. In the 50cc class, there are already

more riders registered than in the last season. The HESG Kids can register for only 15

euros here: .

"It remains exciting to see how the registrations for the season start in this seventh

year. After two days, we can definitely draw a positive interim conclusion, as the

registration numbers are on par with those of previous years. So, anyone wanting to

secure a specific starting number should hurry. Personally, I am pleased that the

junior class is once again well-filled, and we can welcome many new juniors. That the

HESG serves as a great start to a Hardenduro career has been proven by several, such

as Felix Bähker, who competed in his first race with us in 2018 and is now already at

the top of the series with international successes," says Denis Günther.

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