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The DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany announces final updates before the year-end

The schedule is set

On many well-known tracks, spread across the central and southern regions of

Germany, the series kicks off its seventh season on April 13, 2024, starting with the

race in Reetz.

As in the previous season, the ACE Bikes Prolog Award will take place on Saturday

evening during the second race in Crimmitschau (April 27/28) to ease the race day on

Sunday. The Hamma race returns on May 25, and the finale will be held on October 5

in Schwepnitz. It was crucial to ensure that none of the races would overlap with the

FIM Hardenduro World Championship, allowing the fast juniors to participate.

Whether an eighth race will be added is not yet finalized; negotiations are still

ongoing. If it happens, this race will complete the calendar in the fall.

Dates 2024:

13.04. Reetz

27./28.04. Crimmitschau

25.05. Hamma

29.06. Gefrees

13.07. Reisersberg

22.09. Meltewitz

05.10. Schwepnitz

Draft: 21.12.2023 Changes possible

Rider classifications are available

In the 2024 season, the same rating classes as in the previous season will be

maintained. They will once again be categorized based on the age of the rider and the

DG Design system. The Rider classifications for the PRO and amateur classes are


already available at the following link:



For the HESG PRO class, Riders in the Gold and Silver categorization will continue to

be counted. Additionally, there will still be the Junior, Senior, Women's, as well as the

HESG-E and HESG Kids classes. Women will also be scored in the championship at

all races.


Registration opens on January 1, 2024

As in every year, the official season registration begins on January 1, 2024, at 12:00

PM on At that time, registration can also be submitted

for the WEBER #werkeholics Team Award.

ACE Bikes HESG Talent Pool applications are possible

Young pilots up to 18 years old already have the opportunity to apply for the ACE

Bikes HESG Talent Pool. With this talent pool, the series aims to support four young

Riders in various areas. The assistance includes help with sponsor acquisition, media

training, and financial support. Registration for talents is free, and they receive a 50%

subsidy on entries for events in the year 2024. An experienced HESG participant will

provide advisory support to the promoted pilots at three races. In addition, young

riders will have a special media presence through videos and press releases.

Further information about the ACE Bikes Talent Pool can be found here:


Applications can be submitted here: www.hardenduro-


ACE Bikes acts as the title partner of the Talent Pool. However, riders from all over

Germany can naturally apply. The sponsorship is open to everyone, regardless of the

brand or team to which the respective junior belongs.

ACE Bikes becomes the title sponsor of the Prolog Award

The Prolog receives an upgrade in 2024. In the 2024 season, ACE Bikes becomes the

partner of the first decision of the race day. Thus, the Prolog is now named the 'ACE

Bikes Prolog Award'.

New series partners trust in the series concept

For the 2024 season, new companies place their trust in the series concept and

become new partners. The series is particularly pleased with the involvement of

Auner, Louis, Hindlebar, Finkmoto, and Allpowers. Allpowers provides the series

with a power station that will supply climate-neutral electricity for the timekeeping.

Series organizer Denis Günther expresses his joy about the new partners: 'In the

current challenging times, we are pleased that we have been able to gain new partners

who are supporting the series. Together with the existing partners, the 2024 season

will be a success. We look forward to the collaboration.'


The latest information about the Dowatek HardEnduroSeries Germany is always

available at and on the social media channels.

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