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DOWATEK HESG: Schmüser wins!

On the second weekend of the season, the riders of the DOWATEK

HardEnduroSeries Germany headed to West Saxony. With significantly better

weather conditions compared to the season opener, the cards were reshuffled. With a

field of over 200 riders and many fans along the track, this event was once again

considered a great success.

Facts, Heaven or Hell Xtreme Enduro Crimmitschau 24.04.23

Weather: 16 degress, cloudy

Prolog Award Winner: Marc Wulf (KTM)

Winner: Milan Schmüser (Sherco)

Fastest Lap: Milan Schmüser (Sherco), 23:45,483

Prolog Award goes to Marc Wulf this time

For the first time, the Prologue Award was held on the evening before the race.

Despite this new addition, 188 riders participated in this first challenge of the

weekend, and the series organization led by Denis Günther was very pleased with the

participation. "We are happy with the response. When something new comes, you

never know how it will be received. Even without a Prologue start, the riders could

have started on Sunday, but we are very happy that so many of them started. Perhaps

there is a possibility to repeat this at other races," said Günther.

Sporting excitement was also offered. The Prologue took place on a special test-like

track, which had a certain degree of difficulty due to a rocky section. Wanja

Morlinghaus initially took the lead for a long time. Only when the top 20 of the last

race started, the field mixed up at the top. In the end, Marc Wulf took the lead and

scored the most points at the start of the weekend.

Long distance in the group races

On Sunday morning, the two group races followed, from which 35 riders each could

qualify for the final race. Some difficult passages and the long race distance provided

the necessary excitement. Marc Wulf and Milan Schmüser were able to celebrate as


The women's ranking also took place in Group Race 2. Here, Eva Täuber prevailed

again. However, she will not be able to start in the race in Reetz in two weeks due to a

scheduling conflict. Since Julia Bittner closely follows in second place, the decisions

for the season are still open.

Schmüser dominates the final

The additional track sections in the final were again filled with many fans and gave

the Gablenz quarry a special flair. Milan Schmüser showed top form throughout the

weekend in Crimmitschau and found the heavy final to be exactly his conditions. He


consistently pulled away from the competition. However, a mistake could have

thrown him back to second place again. The Sherco pilot won after 98 minutes ahead

of Marc Wulf and Lenny Geretzky. For Schmüser, this was his first daily victory in the

series. Wulf took the lead in the overall standings ahead of Lenny Geretzky.

The class rankings remain exciting

There were also many new winners in the class rankings. Vladimir Vlk prevailed for

the first time in the Seniors category, while a guest rider named Kevin Sauer was the

fastest to complete the track in the Amateurs category.

In addition to the overall rankings, Schmüser also prevailed among the pro riders,

resulting in a tie in points between Wulf and Schmüser. Lenny Geretzky was able to

repeat his victory from Neuhaus-Schierschnitz.

The next race for the riders will be in two weeks in Reetz. You can still register at

2023/. All information about this race on May 6, 2023, can be found here: Due to its track character,

the race in Reetz is also interesting for beginners in HardEnduro.

Current information on the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany can always be

found at and on social media.

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