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DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany: First victory for the German enduro prodigy Henry Strauss in Hamma

Facts, Weinberg Extreme Enduro Hamma 25.05.2024 Weather: 23 degrees, cloudy, Thunderstorm in Final ACE Bikes Prolog Award Winner: Leon Hentschel (BETA) Winner: Henry Strauss (KTM) Fastest Lap: Leon Hentschel (BETA), 08:06,629 ACE Bikes Prolog Award goes to Hentschel A quick round was offered by the ACE Bikes Prolog Award to kick off race day. Included was also the motodrome with many obstacles, which added a lot of spice to the otherwise somewhat faster round. Leon Hentschel was able to secure the best time with a time of 02:00.030 ahead of Henry Strauss. Petzold and Millich followed with two surprises. Matthis Millich continues to improve steadily and now has contact with the leaders on individual laps. Group races offered the best conditions The surface known to many as "Werxboden" provided the stage for perfect group races. The victories went to Leon Hentschel and Henry Strauss. Behind them, especially in the second group race, exciting duels formed. Matthis Millich, Luca Reinhold, and Tim Eppelmann once again refused to give each other any leeway. For these three, it was their best placements yet in a group race. The first decisions of the day also fell during the group races. In the first round, Linus Albert once again won the Luminus Energie HESG Kids classification in the 85cc class ahead of Loris Solbrig and Eric Keller. Albert even managed to qualify for the final once again. In the second group race, the reigning champion of 2022, Maria Franke, secured her second daily victory in the women's category. The storm caused an early end to the final The final started again shortly after 4 p.m. for a duration of 55 minutes plus 1 lap. Unfortunately, this distance could not be completed in full. For the first time in the series' history, the event had to be prematurely ended due to a storm after 40 minutes. It rained so heavily that waterfalls formed on the uphills and downhills, and the entire MX track was underwater. Therefore, race director Jan Hoffmann together with the series organization decided that the final classification would be based on Lap 5. It was simply too dangerous to continue the race. Until then, fans witnessed one of the most exciting races in recent years. The lead between Hentschel and Strauss changed several times. In Lap 4, youngster Strauss managed to pass Hentschel and claim victory. At 15 years old, he is the youngest winner in series history, and it will be difficult for there to be an even younger winner in the future. The KTM rider is now the eleventh rider to win a race in the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany. Strauss now leads the standings with one point ahead of Hentschel. Third place went to Paul-Erik Huster, which is also his best placement ever in his HESG career. Also returning to the top 10 is series stalwart Marcel Teucher. After two years of racing hiatus, the 37-year-old is performing better and better against the series' youngsters. While he is not yet among the seniors, the 40-year-old classification went to Rene Jerbach this time, who also took the lead in the standings there. Among the amateurs, newcomer Vinzenz Paulus emerged victorious, while Henry Strauss won among the juniors, and Leon Hentschel in the PRO category. The series will now take a short break. It will resume in mid-July in Reisersberg, with registrations starting in mid-June. For the latest information on the DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany, always check and social media channels.

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