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DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany: Final in Rüdersdorf with surprise effect

Facts, MOUNTDOOM Hardenduro Rüdersdorf 28.10.2023

Weather: 11 degress, cloudy

Prolog Award Winner: Kevin Gallas (GasGas)

Winner: Leon Hentschel (GasGas)

Fastest Lap: Leon Hentschel (GasGas), 13:03,945

Fynn Hannemann is crowned the winner of the annual ranking despite

the botched prologue

Just before the start of the Prologue Awards, the rain finally stopped, which had

soaked the entire track overnight. Fynn Hannemann was the first to complete the

round. However, as the leader in this special classification, he struggled with the wet

conditions. Nevertheless, a seventh place was enough for the overall victory.

This time, however, others set the pace. In particular, Marc Wulf, who as the second

rider took the lead directly and did not give it up. This also laid the groundwork for

his championship title. He was missing 18 points, of which he directly gained 5 in the

Prologue, while his fiercest pursuer Felix Bähker was only classified in 21st place due

to a fall.

Schmüser also returned with a bang after a long injury. The Tensfelder secured 2nd

place, while Arvid Meyer completed the Top 3.

The spectators experienced exciting group races

That hard enduro also appeals to the taste of the Berlin-Brandenburg fans was

already evident in the group races. Similar to Schwepnitz, the spectators flocked in

droves to the season finale as well. They experienced exciting hard enduro action with

constantly changing placements. The victories in the group races went to Kevin Gallas

and Milan Schmüser.

A title decision was made during the group races. Eva Täuber secured the last

necessary points to be able to call herself HESG Women's Champion for the first


time. Following Maria Franke, she is only the second female rider to clinch this still

young title as the champion.

Final with problems

When the final started at 4 p.m., there was great tension over the field. Unfortunately,

the MC Woltersdorf made a small mistake that necessitated a restart. After this was

swiftly resolved and the field restarted, the distance had to be shortened to 40

minutes due to the encroaching darkness. In the tight forest passages and the many

steep ascents of the track, it simply became too dangerous for the full distance.

In the first round, Kevin Gallas initially crossed the finish line first, but this was his

only finish as he later dropped out. The reins were suddenly taken over by Leon

Hentschel, who coped well with the track. After his long injury, he made a clear

statement at the end of the season and fueled high ambitions for the next year of the

HESG. He came first to the finish line amidst great cheers after three rounds.

This makes him the sixth winner this season, which speaks to the absolute balance of

the series. The second big surprise of the day was Fynn Hannemann. He already

made a statement in the group races in Schwepnitz but then dropped out. This time,

things went ideally for the BETA pilot. With the second-best lap time, he secured an

excellent second place and, of course, the junior win. Milan Schmüser also returned

in impressive form and immediately secured the third place.

Wulf is the new champion

The two title contenders, Felix Bähker and Marc Wulf, took 4th and 5th places. This

fifth place was enough for Wulf to crown himself the new champion. He is thus the

third overall winner of the series after Kevin Gallas and Leon Hentschel. Bähker

secured the junior championship.

In the amateurs' category, the final round decided everything. Lukas Debus prevailed

among the amateurs. With another victory, he gained the necessary points to surpass

Max Rutz in the final. Debus will thus start in the professional category next year.

With this final, an exciting HESG season 2023 came to an end. The seventh season

will continue in the spring. All final standings of the season can be found here: Current information about the


DOWATEK HardEnduroSeries Germany can always be found on www.hardenduro- and on social media.

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