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24MX GetzenRodeo: More spectator places thanks to the altered track layout

For fans, the race day offers entirely new perspectives. An altered track promises

more space for spectators. New spectator zones, for example, will be located right

next to the paddock, which will be set up this year on the „Burgparkplatz“. There, you

can witness a spectacular ascent, which will be tackled as early as Friday (November

3rd, 2023) during the Timed HardEnduro Lap starting at 2:00 PM. On Friday

evening, there is also the Prolog Final fort he best 16 Pilots, promising top-notch

Enduro action under the name 'Red Bull Double Trouble.'

In the GetzenRace and GetzenChamp, which will be taken on by the world's best

riders, there are additional new sections that will make the FIM HardEnduro World

Championship riders break a sweat. In the newly designed finish area, fans can also

expect a special surprise.

Parking spaces are available in the industrial area, as well as the usual ones above the

sports field. Further information can be found on our site plan.

For those who don't want to miss the action, it's advisable to get tickets now. You can

order them here: Admission is free on the

prologue day; tickets are only required for Saturday.

Photo: DG Design / Denis Günther

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